About DJM

DJM is a versatile International DJ and producer, specializing in Kizomba, Ghetto Zouk, Semba, Tarraxinha, Afro Beats, Salsa and Bachata music.

His sets are dedicated to the energy of the dancers which keeps the floor buzzing all night! He’s played all over the UK, in Europe & Internationally, at Afro-Latin and International Music Nights. Passionate about this music; his sets flow through the night without a break in the pleasure that good beats and melodies provide.

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DJM's repertoire is rich, ranging from African & Latin flavours, all the way to colorful Bollywood beats. Having been a dancer since the age of four, in the styles of Jazz & Bollywood, rhythm had no choice but to settle deep in his heart. As he grew up, influences of different dance cultures led him to Kizomba, Salsa & Bachata. Today, he is a well known Kizomba DJ, dance teacher and promotor. In the last two years, his work has been recognized in the Kizomba music industry of Portugal, where his mixtapes and produced tracks have been featured on radio.